Terralink, the first company to deliver a Windows™-based solution for managing hazardous waste, introduces TDXConnect, a Web application making access to profiles, manifests and reports easier than ever.

While desktop solutions remain important, there is a clear trend toward applications accessed through a Web site. By having Internet access to a host server, remote users have all the advantages of a robust application without the overhead of locally installed application software. All they need is access to the Internet or an Intranet. Simple.

By having access to TDXConnect it's now an easy-to-use online world:

  • Fill out the Pickup Request form and submit it as a job request? Online!
  • Choose from your profiles or create a new one? Online!
  • View your manifests? Online!
  • Create reports easily from your own data stored on the host? Online!
  • Easily communicate with others in your organization? Online!
  • Eliminate all the overhead of locally installed software? Online!

Now, with the choice of an Internet-based solution, you have the best of all worlds. You have choices. We have answers.

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  • Your color scheme and logo
  • Manifest and Profile Summary Screens
  • Pickup Requests (Create & Edit)
  • Profiles (Create & Edit)
  • Manifests (View & Track)
  • Client Web Access
  • Reports (Utility & EPA)
  • Download Data

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