TAXI, or Terralink Automated eXchange of Information, is the most powerful and easy to use electronic communications standard available today to hazardous waste generators and transporters. Using XML technology, TAXI provides the newest and most comprehensive platform for electronically moving profiles, manifests, inventory and other relevant information.

Why TAXI? Increasingly, federal, state and local agencies, as well as business partners are asking for hazardous waste data and reports electronically. TAXI offers a unique, easy way to filter, select and move hazardous waste information electronically.

With just a few mouse clicks you now can move some or all of your data to business partners, regulatory agencies or anyone with access to the Internet either or a TDX™ desktop - across the room, across town or across the country.

Search inventory events, profiles or manifests with your specific criteria:

  • "How much Acetone did we ship in the first quarter?"
  • "Where is our highest cost plant?"
  • "I need an updated profile from this morning."
Select™ gives you the flexibility to easily create searches that match the criteria you need.

Then simply use Second Click™ to send the results electronically with TAXI.

So, if your communications needs are internal or with business partners - or if you want to be ready to meet the challenges of EPA's eManifest submission requirements, let us show you how.

Contact us to see how TAXI can save your company time and money, and enhance regulatory compliance.




  • XML-Based
  • On the Internet
  • Electronic Manifests
  • Electronic Profiles
  • Select
  • Second Click
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