TDX Reporting

One of the key benefits of TDX technology is the power and comprehensive nature of the TDX Reporting module. TDX simplifies the process of gathering information for environmental audits and helps ease the burdens of regulatory compliance.

The day you install TDX it will begin generating notices of all the manifests required by movements in your inventory, including continuation sheets. With access to the four major label companies and LDR reporting, either from manifests or profiles, TDX provides the fundamentals for efficient, comprehensive electronic reporting.

Our client services team has already built profiles for all major facilities in the United States. If you need one that is not already available, our customization services will build a profile form to meet your specifications.

The database and application design of TDX enables you to track thousands of transactions, and in many cases, years of complex data. Terralink provides powerful inventory management reporting plus a myriad of state and federal reports - all designed to help you keep track of where your company's hazardous materials have been, where they are and where they are going.

TDX Reporting

  • Facility Profiles
  • EPA Biennial
  • Tax and Fee Reports
  • Management Summaries
  • Customized Reports

So, whether you need to backtrack inventory to see where it has been, generate a state tax report, or create inventory summary reports, TDX reduces the time it takes to access this information and improves the accuracy of the reports. And if your company requires specialized reports, our customization services can build them to allow you to generate such reports quickly accessing your TDX data.

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