TDX™ for Generators

Terralink is the first company to deliver Windows™-based technology for hazardous waste information management. Terralink Data eXchange or TDX™ provides a platform for managing all your hazardous waste information needs, and gives you maximum flexibility for communications and growth - including options for using the Internet to communicate reliably between sites, and exchange information with business partners and regulators.

TDX™ can save you money almost immediately. TDX™ simplifies the complexities of hazardous waste inventory management while keeping you up-to-date and helping ensure compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.

The core design of TDX™ employs a Windows Explorer™ look and feel interface for easy access to your company's hazardous waste information. TDX™ offers complete integration of regulatory and chemical constituent information with all of your hazardous waste data.

TDX™ Inventory provides powerful hazardous waste constituent management that allows you to efficiently track waste from generation until final disposition. Coupled with Terralink's exclusive Select™ and Second Click™ data management functions, you can analyze past inventory trends, or project upcoming inventory transactions.

To ease electronic exchange of data, Terralink has developed TAXI™, an XML-based language to enable the communication of your hazardous waste information across the room, across town or across the country. With the click of a mouse, you can share updated profiles with remote locations or business partners. You can send manifests electronically in a format that will be accessible by a number of programs. And you can submit regulatory reports with confidence that your data can be imported easily into a variety of agency software systems.

TDX™ includes hundreds of Reports, including specific facility profiles, state-specific manifests, state reports and the Federal Biennial. As part of our commitment to your business success, we will also create custom reports to meet your specifications. Rest assured that all of your reporting needs are now under control - your control.

Add an Internet option and you will now have the best of all worlds - on your desktop, on the Internet, or both. You have choices. We have answers. Go Further with Terralink.

TDX For Facilities


  • Customizable State and Federal Compliance Reports
  • Automated risk management tools
  • Inventory Tracking and Management System
  • Electronic data exchange
  • Web-based for remote inventory management

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