TDXLite™ shares some of the same robust technology as the full-featured TDX™ program at a budget minded cost. Search, sort and organize your manifests for easy retrieval and more.Free Demo

  • Print directly onto your hazardous and non-hazardous waste labels from information that was previously entered on your manifest.

  • Utilizes a robust relational database capable of saving an unlimited number of documents, limited only by your hard drive space.

  • DOT Hazardous Materials table, EPA and state waste codes, and Emergency Response Guidebook pages are all built in.

  • TDXLite™ organizes your generators, transporters, TSDFs, and manifests, and even allows you to print or export your contacts. Copy, paste and edit routine shipping documents to save valuable time.

  • NEW FEATURE! - Attachments feature allows you to attach files to your manifests or contacts in the database. Most companies utilize the Attachments feature to attach fully signed and executed PDF copies of their manifests to the digital version in the database. The manifest copies are then searchable for later reference. Attachments are actually imported into the database and not just a pointer to a file in your file system that can become broken.

  • NEW FEATURE! - A sophisticated search tool will allow you to search for a list of manifests or contacts utilizing multiple search criteria. You can then run a Contact Detail Report, or Manifest Detail Report from your results.

How do I purchase TDXLite™ once I am satisfied with the product demo?
Call our sales office at (207) 772-6500. TDXLite™ sells for $750. TerraLink LLC accepts Master Card, Visa, and American Express for your convenience. Once your payment has been cleared, we will email you with a product serial number and directions on how to activate your software.

What if I purchase TDXLite™ and decide to upgrade to your fully featured Terralink Data eXchange (TDX™) software?
If you decide to upgrade to the full-featured TDX™ software version within 30 days of purchase, we will credit you with the full $750 towards your upgrade. Click here for information about TDXLite™ Labelmaster® Special Edition Direct from LabelMaster®

Call (207) 772-6500 or click here today to set up a live demonstration.


  • Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Manifest Printing
  • Bill of Lading Printing
  • Label Printing Built in
  • DOT Hazardous Materials table
  • Built in ERG Pages
  • Built in EPA/State Waste Codes
  • Full Database Functionality
  • Report Capabilities for Contacts and Manifests
  • Upgradeable to the full version without loss of data
  • Expandable by purchasing

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