Terralink Data eXchange Product Comparison

TDX TDXAnywhere
Prints to Federal Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
Prints to Non-Hazardous Waste Manifests
Prints to Bill of Lading Forms
Prints to Hazardous Waste Labels
Prints to Non-Hazardous Waste Labels
Prints Emergency Response Guidebook Pages
DOT Proper Shipping Name Reference Table
Ability to Create User Defined Shipping Names
EPA and State Waste Code Reference Table
EPA List of Lists Reference Table
User Defined Materials References
Container References
EPA Treatment Standards Reference Table
Prints to Multiple Printers Simultaniously
Create Generic Land Ban Form
Create Profiles
Custom Profiles Creation Available
Attach Files to Database Objects
Inventory Tracking
TAXI Data to Other TDX Software Users
Run Reports Based on Data Collected (Select Tool)*
Save and Restore Ability for Select Tool
Custom Reports Creation Available
Alarm Event Manager for Manifests and Profiles
Access to TDX Software Application via the Internet
Ability to add Multiple Login IDs with Specific Privileges
Expandable with TDXConnect Web Application